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The mission of the Indian Health Service (IHS) is to raise the health status of the American Indian and Alaska Native people to the highest possible level by providing comprehensive health care and preventive health services. To support the IHS mission, the Division of Sanitation Facilities Construction (DSFC) provides technical assistance and sanitation facilities services to American Indian tribes and Alaska Native villages for cooperative development and continued operation of safe water, wastewater, and solid waste systems and related support facilities.  STARS is a web-based database used to track sanitation facilities projects.  It also contains information on existing Operation and Maintenance (O&M) organizations serving American Indians and Alaskan Natives (AI/AN).

STARS includes six major data systems:

  1. COMMUNITY, also known as CDP (Community Deficiency Profile), contains demographic information on the communities where projects and homes are located;
  2. SDS – the Sanitation Deficiency System documents information about sanitation deficiencies related to AI/AN individual homes and communities;
  3. PDS – the Project Data System is used to track DSFC sanitation facilities construction projects;
  4. HPS – the Housing Priority System is used to document, prioritize, and allocate resource needs for DSFC projects for new and like-new housing;
  5. OMDS – the Operation and Maintenance Data System contains information about water, wastewater and solid waste systems serving AI/AN people and the organizations that operate systems; and
  6. SR's – Service Requests are used to track applications for sanitation facilities to individuals and specific home sites (scattered sites);
  7. HITS – The Home Inventory Tracking System, is a geospatial inventory of tribal homes used to track the status and plan for the provision of sanitation facilities.