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Beginning roughly in the week of March 24, 2014, users began to arrive at this page when attempting to log in to STARS. We are aware of this issue and are working to fix it. The issue is suspected to be related to security-related updates; as these updates take place at various locations the number of users affected is growing.

Here are some actions that have helped some users:

  • Make sure your browser is set to allow cookies, at least from STARS.
  • Make sure your browser is set to reload pages on every request.
  • Clear your browser cache/history.
  • Restart your computer, especially if it has been a few days since the computer has been restarted.

These actions have helped some users but do not appear to help all users. If you have any insight or find anything helps you to resolve this problem, please contact us through the "Get help logging in" link on the STARS login page.

You have attempted to access a page in an incorrect way.

You may have received this message for one of several reasons. The most common are:

  • Browser shortcuts (favorites) to pages within STARS. Most screens within STARS are not designed to be accessed without first going through the login process.
  • Submitting STARS requests in unusual ways. For example, clicking in the address of the page and hitting Enter can sometimes cause a problem because not all necessary information is passed along with the request. (In a situation like this it is generally better to use the browser's Refresh/Reload functionality.)

To log in to STARS, please return to the STARS home page.

If you are unsure of the reason you are seeing this screen, or if you think you should NOT be seeing this screen, please report this error .

Please record any information which may be helpful and forward it to us. Here are some examples of information which might be helpful:

  • Were you using STARS in multiple browser windows?
  • What happened right before you came to this screen? Was there anything unusual or unexpected?
  • How did you come to this screen? Did you click on a link or button in STARS? Did you type in a web address? Did you hit your browser's Refresh button on a STARS page?
  • Are you experiencing network/Internet problems in general?
  • Was STARS responding slowly leading up to this point?

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